Spiritual Life

Middle School

Spiritual Life

A major emphasis in Middle School at Briarcrest focuses on spiritual life. Weekly Chapel Programs are designed to give our students an opportunity to worship together. Generally, our Middle School Praise Band will lead the student body in 2-3 praise songs prior to the introduction of our weekly speaker. Each year, the Middle School choose a “theme” around which our speakers try to fashion their remarks.

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  • Ovation Praise Band

    Our Middle School Praise Band, led by Michael Parsons, Andrew Earle and Justin Pepper, allow students gifted in vocal and instrument music to display their skills in a manner that both glorifies God and helps lead others in worship.
  • Retreats

    Fall Retreats are designed to give our students opportunities (early in the school year) to meet new friends, to fellowship together with each other and with their teachers, to set goals, and to worship both individually and collectively.
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  • See You at the Pole

    Each September, our Middle School observes "See You At The Pole", a nationwide effort to have students gather around their local flagpoles to pray for our nation and its leaders.

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  • Mission 1:8 Day

    Mission 1:8 is a day designated each Fall on which each huddle group performs or provides a service to an area charity, program, or individual.
  • RUSH Week

    RUSH Week - A few years ago, we called it “Spiritually Emphasis Week.” That’s what RUSH is – one week of our school year particularly set aside to emphasize the spiritual side of our education here at Briarcrest.
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  • Aim for Success

    The “AIM for Success” Program is a nationally acclaimed educational organization that promotes sexual abstinence until marriage.

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  • Bible Classes

    Bible Classes are required elements in our Middle School Curriculum. Our 7th Graders study the Old Testament while our 8th Graders study the life of Christ and the New Testament. Our 6th Grade curriculum is based upon character studies.
  • National Day of Prayer

    National Day of Prayer is always observed by our Middle School Students. This year, our 8th grade class was in Washington, D.C. and was able to worship on the steps of the Capital. Each morning, during the week of National Day of Prayer, a daily prayer and devotion is presented over the intercom to observe this special time at Briarcrest.