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Mrs. Nina Ingram

Mrs. Nina Ingram

Director of Academic and Student Services


Guidance is defined as the act of leading or showing the way. At Briarcrest Christian Middle School, it is our pleasure and mission to guide your children to know and honor Jesus Christ, seek God’s truth and wisdom in all disciplines, and pursue excellence through integrity in their academic, creative, and athletic endeavors so that they may “grow in stature with God and men.” 

We offer a wide range of academic services that include: academic counseling in preparation for high school, monitoring individual student progress, serving as a resource for families and teachers to promote academic success, and coordinating tutoring services as well as other programs that will give your child every opportunity to experience learning in a supportive, challenging and creative environment. 

Transitional and pivotal are words often associated with middle school students. Given the meaning of these words, guidance rooted in Scripture is a gift to our children. At this time in their lives, we have the opportunity to show grace, love and mercy, yet teach accountability to Him and to others. Whether your child is presented with challenging spiritual, academic, or social issues, it is our desire to walk alongside you and support you and your child during the middle school years. 



The following slideshow offers helpful homework strategies and shortcuts. Please click Homework Help to view. 


Tutoring is offered at a variety of times throughout the day including before school, during related arts, and after school. Sessions may be individual or in a group setting and are 30-45 minutes in length.

Please call Nina Ingram at 765-4626 for questions regarding tutoring or for an application for the program.