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  • Registration Day

    Registration for grades 6-8 will be held as follows:

    Monday, August 9         10:15 am


    Students should report directly to their 2nd period class for specific information and instruction.
    Schedules are in OnCampus and we will have middle school staff available to assist students getting to the correct class.
    Students are not required to wear school uniform on Registration Day.

  • Registration Day Parents' Meeting

    Parents will meet in the Sparks Chapel at 10:15 while students are meeting with their classes.
  • New Family Welcome

    If you are new to the Briarcrest system, mark your calendars for Thursday, August 5 at 5:00 pm to attend a new family welcome event in the Middle School building.  We will discuss many aspects of Briarcrest Christian Middle School such as navigating onCampus, uniforms, schedules, Flik, Orientation Day, PTF and all things middle school.

    This meeting is for all NEW middle school students and parents.
  • First Day of School

    The first full day of classes will be Tuesday, August 10.  We will begin the day promptly at 8:00 a.m. and all dress code regulations will be in effect.
  • Student IDs

    Each student at BCMS is required to have a student ID card.  This card is not only useful for purposes of identification, but can also be used as a debit card for purchases made in the cafeteria.  Students may obtain this card from the Saint Shop locations during the same hours and schedule listed on the Saint Shop webpage.  Current students may continue to use the 20/21 cards.  Updated photos for the cards may be taken upon request for a $5 fee after school day pictures have been returned.  Note:  While cafeteria workers will try to inform students when the balance on the ID card falls below $15.00, it is the responsibility of each student/parent to make certain that adequate funds are credited to the card for all necessary purchases.  Students may not "charge" food or other items.
  • Summer Assignments

    Be sure to check out the summer assignments page.
  • Traffic Issues

    Ensuring the safety of our students as they enter and exit the campus each day is a high priority for us at BCMS.  Information regarding morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up will be given at the parent information meeting on Registration Day.  When pick-up of multiple students is necessary, students should report to the pick-up zone of the youngest sibling.
  • Code of Conduct

    As we enter a new school year, please be reminded that incidents of inappropriate behavior as defined in the Student Code of Conduct are addressed whether on or off-campus.  Parents and students are encouraged to thoroughly read the policy as presented in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Dress Code

    Please remember that our students are expected to dress appropriately for outdoor sporting events as well as school-day activities.  Our expectation in this regard is similar to our in-school policy:  modesty and appropriateness. 

    For example, mid-thigh shorts are acceptable for football games, but "short-shorts" are not.  Bare midriffs, halter-tops, etc., are never acceptable.  Students are reminded that they represent BCMS both at school and in attendance at school-sponsored events.  The 2021-22 Dress Code is available in the Downloads Section.
  • Supply Lists

    Supply lists for Grades 6, 7, and 8 may be found on this page.  Books and classroom supplies may be brought to school on the first day of classes.
  • Parking Decals

    Parent Parking Decal - All parents must have a new parent parking sticker each school year on their vehicles. To obtain the sticker, please login to the Briarcrest website as a parent and go to the "Resource" page.  Click on the link for parent parking decal. Once filled out and submitted online your new decal will be mailed to you. Each family receives two free decals each year. After that, the cost is $5 each and can be paid online with the online form.
  • Fall Sports Tryouts

    Fall Sports Tryout/Workout Information can be found on the Middle School Athletic Webpage.
  • Athletic Physicals

    All students must have a physical dated after April 15, 2021 to participate in a school-sponsored sport.  These physicals must be on file in the Middle School Office prior to participation in any of our athletic endeavors for 21/22.  A physical can be obtained from your private physician or through the Briarcrest Sports Physical Program. Many have found the walk-in clinics at Kroger stores to be helpful.
  • Required Athletic Forms

    In addition to the athletic physical (see above), all required forms are maintained through our online athletic software site, PrivIT. A link to this site is located on the Middle School Athletic Page under downloads. All documents on PrivIT must be completed before students may participate in any sport.
  • Board of Trustee Account Status Participation Policy

    Please read the Participation in Co-curricular Activities Policy from the Board of Trustees regarding a student's eligibility to participate as it relates to delinquent tuition account status.  Available in the Downloads section.
  • Fine Arts Opportunities

    There are many Fine Arts opportunities in which your student may participate!  Choir, Band, Drama Club, and the Spring Musical Production to name just a few!  Visit the Fine Arts Webpage for more information on who to contact and how your student can be involved!
  • Briarcare

    Briarcare, our supervised after-school childcare service, is available to all middle school students from 3:15 pm - 6:00 pm each day.  Pricing and registration information are available on the Briarcare webpage.
  • Library

    The BCMS Library is available online.  Visit the Library Webpage for more information.
  • Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

    Interested in SERVING in the Middle School?  We always have a place for you in the Middle School PTF.  Go to the Middle School PTF Page for more information on who to contact regarding PTF opportunities.
  • Briarcrest Cares

    Briarcrest Cares is an organization designed to lend a helping hand to BCS families who are facing difficult times such as illness, grief, accidents, etc. Volunteers are needed for the success of this important ministry. Contact Valerie Speed at for more information.
  • 8th Grade Washington Trip

    Each spring, the 8th grade class travels to Washington, D.C. where students will learn about American history and our Christian heritage firsthand with Christian Discoveries.  A registration packet with pricing, sample itinerary and more information was given to each rising 8th grade student in May.  Please contact the Middle School Office if you did not receive this information.  Registration information can be found at www.christiandiscoveries.orgThe Briarcrest Christian Middle School ID Number is 194265.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What do I do if my child is sick and will not be at school?

    Just give us a call in the Middle School Office (765-4628). No e-mails or faxes, please.
  • Q: How do I get missed assignments if my child misses school?

    All assignments are listed on teacher webpages. If additional information or explanation is needed, please e-mail individual teachers. Assignments are NOT gathered in the Middle School Office unless students have missed 3 consecutive days.
  • Q: What is the correct procedure for checking my child out of school?

    Please report to the Middle School Office (765-4628) to let us know of your request.  As you sign your child out, we will call for him/her to report to the office.  No prior notice is necessary.
  • Q: How do I arrange a pre-approved absence for a family vacation or similar activity?

    Written notification from the parent should be received in the Middle School Office one week prior to the requested absence. Upon approval by the Middle School Principal, proper paperwork will follow. Please read the details of pre-approved absences in the Parent/Student Handbook as specific make-up work procedures are required.
  • Q: How do I get a message to my child during the school day?

    While we understand that emergencies will occur, we simply must limit classroom disruptions to a minumum. Therefore, unless an emergency, all messages will only be delivered during activity period and/or lunch. Parents should not enter the middle school hallways during school hours. Report all necessary communications to the Middlel School Office.
  • Q: How do I add money to my child's lunch account?

    All monies (labeled with student name and grade) should be turned in to the Middle School Office before school each morning.  Monies delivered after the onset of the school day will not be recored until the following business day.  You may also load money through the EZ School App. Log on the your Briarcrest parent page and you will find EZ School App on the resource board. 
  • Q: What do I do if my child loses his/her ID/Debit Card?

    The replacement fee is $5. The old number is cancelled and a new Briarcrest Card is issued.
  • Q: What if my student has no cash or ID Card?

    Students will never have to do without lunch. The student will sign a food charge ticket that indicates that Sodexo is charging the meal with a $5 Administrative Fee. Students will have three (3) days to clear the charge on the account with the MIddle School Office.

    Note:  When the balance on the Briarcrest Debit Card get to $25, the student will be given a reminder to add money to the account.  The computer will allow the debit card to have a negative balance up to minus $25.  You will be charged a $5 Administrative Fee for each meal that causes your balance to fall below zero.
  • Q: How does the school communicate weather-related changes to parent?

    E-mail blasts have proven the quickest and most reliable method to communicate such changes. Please make certain to keep your e-mail addresses current.