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  • 2018-2019 PTF Board Members

    Mindy Spencer
    (901) 603-1592
    Vice President
    Misty Lever
    (303) 501-0238
    Kelly Pace
    (901) 870-1936
    Cher Bork
    (901) 355-4613
    Michelle Stancil
    (901) 485-8613
    Summer Buddy Coordinators
    Kelli McCaskill
    (901) 485-2446
    Lori Ford
    5th Grade Coordinators
    Cassie Corless
    (901) 679-1113
    Stacy McGee
    (901) 409-8657
    Romanita Partee
    (901) 219-7174
    Family Night
    Cher Bork
    (901) 355-4613
    Jennifer Anderson
    (901) 491-8648
    Amanda Kesner
    (901) 330-8409
    Teacher Luncheon
    Belinda Sink
    (901) 896-8432
    Jennifer Garner
    (901) 870-8145
    Teacher Birthdays
    Kim Crawford
    (901) 619-0369
    Pam Bariola
    (501) 554-2898
    Teacher Appreciation
    Jessica Anderson
    (901) 786-2594
    Randi Pennington
    (901) 598-1758
    Christa Stigers
    (901) 864-0008
    Box Tops
    Jessica Thomas
    (901) 857-6330
    Cristen Weisner
    (601) 462-1606
    Wendy Villafana
    (901) 232-8072
    Wendy Belt
    (901) 337-6552
    Karyn Turnage
    (901) 491-0614
    Sandy Dunn
    (901) 486-5776
    Uniform Swap
    Michelle Stancil
    (901) 485-8613
    Book Fair
    Janelle Clark
    (303) 885-6096
    Elisabeth Hogue
    (901) 921-5332
    Heather Geno
    (901) 258-4715
    Rebecca Cullison
    (901) 550-9759
    Room Mom Coordinator
    Alyssa Boler
    (402) 314-0903
    Jean Bone
    (901) 270-1860
    Dawn Robinson
    (901) 603-4568
    Lorrin Saliba
    (901) 652-9114
    Bulletin Board
    Katrina Gillespie
    (901) 486-4470
  • Monthly PTF Meeting Minutes

    The minutes from each monthly PTF meeting will be posted here so that parents who were unable to attend can stay up-to-date on PTF happenings in the elementary.
    November 1, 2018
    Briarcrest Houston Levee PTF Minutes
    President, Mindy Spencer welcomed attendees
    Chaplain, Michelle Stancil gave a devotional on teaching your children how to pray. She spoke to us about the High Five Prayer. This is a great way to teach our children to pray. The High Five Prayer was posted on Facebook yesterday.
    Lendon Ellis, Director of Development spoke about how God is at work in the fundraising and the progress toward the expansion.
    The Fun Run raised over $67,000. Thank you to everyone who volunteered that day.
    Fall Festival was great and big thanks to Katrina Gillespie for taking pictures that day.
    The monthly birthday luncheon for the teachers was great. Thank you to everyone who brings food for these luncheons.
    The next Service Project will be collecting canned food for the Mid-South Food Bank. Upper Elementary will drop cans off in the school lobby and the Lower Elementary will have drop boxes by their classrooms. This project will run November 6th-9th.
    Lorrin Saliba is planning our PTF Fellowship get together. She said, it will be sometime in November. More to come on that.
    Belinda Sink reminded everyone that the Teachers Luncheon is December 7th. Set up for the luncheon is on December 6th immediately following the PTF meeting and cleanup is on December 7th.   They will need desserts and drinks. These items can be dropped off in the elementary lobby on the morning of December 7th.
    Karyn Turnage is working on trying to get the Grandparents together after Thanksgiving.
    Upcoming Events
    Elementary & Middle School Open House: November 8th
    Muffins with Moms: November 13th
    Elementary Musical: November 16th & 17th
    Thanksgiving Break: November 21st- 25th
    Toy Tuesday: November 4th
    The next PTF Meeting will be December 6th in the cafeteria
    Teacher Luncheon: December 7th

18-19 Meeting Dates

September 6th, 2018
October 11th, 2018
November 1st, 2018
December 6th, 2018
January 10th, 2019
February 7th, 2019
March 7th, 2019
April 4th, 2019
May 9th, 2019