Student and Family Policies

Vaccination Policy

For enrollment contracts issued on or before February 20, 2012
Briarcrest requires students to be in compliance with state statutes and regulations.

For enrollment contracts issued after February 20, 2012

Briarcrest requires students to be vaccinated in accordance with the schedule or catch up schedule prescribed by state statutes and regulations. Even though Tennessee law provides exemptions for religious objections, Briarcrest’s policy does not. Briarcrest will determine whether to allow medical exemptions on a case by case basis after review by a medical professional selected by Briarcrest. If a student is not current with his or her vaccinations, Briarcrest will allow the catch up schedule to be followed. Briarcrest will work with a family and their physician if they have scheduling issues, but they must be making a good faith effort to make progress in accordance with the catch up schedule.