The award winning Briarcest theatre program is designed to allow students to use their God given talents to glorify God through the performing arts.
The BCS theatre program is a comprehensive program offering theatre opportunities from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.  

  • Students at the elementary level can participate in the schools Conservatory of Fine Arts program both during and after school.
  • Students at the middle school level can participate in the Middle School Drama Club and the annual Middle School Musical.
  • Students at the High School level can participate in one of four theatre classes and in both the fall and spring productions.

Current Production: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

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  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Cast List

    Aslan- Coby Bennett
    White Witch- Avery Veteto
    Lucy- Kate Basse
    Edmund- Cooper Neal
    Susan- Sydney Sparks
    Peter- Christian Hammond
    Mr. Beaver- Jeremy Beloate
    Mrs. Beaver- Megan Cheng
    Unicorn- Kirsten Erikson
    Centaur- Isaac Stancil
    Tumnus- Benjamin Cheng
    Fenris Ulf- Will Draper
    Dwarf- Elena Gentleman
    Father Christmas- David Clark
    Elf- Ellie Stewart
    White Stag- Erin Ozanich
    Wood Nymphs
    Nadia Spann
    Erin Ozanich
    Sarah Mikkola
    Lexy Branch
    Witch’s Army
    Sarah Barlow
    Raegan Estes
    David Clark
    Ellie Stewart (as other)
    Will Draper (as other)
    Aslan’s Followers
    Ellie Stewart
    Ryan Anderson
    Claudia Hale
    Kirsten Erickson (as Unicorn)
    Isaac Stancil (as Centaur)
    Jeremy Beloate (as Mr. Beaver)


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  • Rachel King-Barr 

    High School Drama Teacher