Dear Briarcrest Parents,
With the decision to close school due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be implementing our plan for online learning. Expectations for our faculty, students and parents will be clearly communicated throughout this time. We met with all of our teachers prior to Spring Break and will meet again Monday morning for further training and implementation of this plan. Online learning will begin this Monday. For middle and high school, we will also use distance learning (live video classes) as a component of this plan. More information will be posted to the teacher webpages on Monday.
  • This online learning plan is required for SK through twelfth grade students. Grades are being taken and will count for the fourth quarter. This is not a school break, school and grades are occurring remotely. Assignments are due on time. (LS-JK will have online lessons that will provide learning continuity for students to meet their developmental benchmarks. Students will be assessed when they return to school.)
  • We will utilize technology to provide educational lessons and continued learning throughout the fourth quarter, while classes will not physically meet at school.
  • It will not be necessary for students to come to school for any books or materials, as teachers will provide all materials online.
  • We will communicate effectively and timely through emails to parents and students. Additional forms of communication may be designated by a teacher and will be listed on the onCampus teacher webpage.
  • All teacher webpages will be updated with lessons using age/grade level appropriate strategies and technology. Lessons may use online textbooks, websites, attached handouts, videos, Microsoft Teams and other resources. (Instructions for the use of Microsoft Teams will be provided to your student Monday.)
    • o   If you or your student do not know how to login to your teacher webpage(s), please email techsupport for assistance.
    • o   The BCS Tech Department will be available by email during the closure.
  • Teachers will be taking grades during this time. All students will be expected to follow the BCS Honor Code for each assignment and we highly recommend a parent supervise when a student completes graded assignments. (LS-SK will not have graded assignments, but assessments will occur upon return.)
    • o   Grades will be posted within 2-3 days of the assignment due date.
  • Teachers will be available at least two hours a day to answer questions and assist students. These hours will be posted on the teacher webpages and communicated to your students. (Many teachers will be posting videos and using Microsoft Teams to teach lessons and communicate with students and parents.)  
We will strive to provide engaging and rigorous lessons, but it is important to know that the length of time a student spends on their learning will not necessarily equate to the length of a normal school day. Parent participation and supervision, especially in the younger grades, is essential for effective instruction and continued learning. Additionally, technology and strategies will differ depending on the grade level.
This is an overview of the BCS Online Learning Plan. Again, online learning/assignments begin this Monday for all grade levels. You will receive more detailed communication from your student’s teacher on Monday.
Caron Swatley