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2022 Delta Fair Winners!

Congratulations the following BCS Elementary students for having their artwork displayed at the 2022 Delta Fair: (Art from last school year)

K - McKenna Malone – 5th Place

K – Taraji Meeks – 1st Place

1st Grade – Reagan Osberg – 2nd Place

1st Grade – Charlie Hood – 1st Place and Best of Show for grades K-3

2nd Grade – Grace Cannon – 2nd Place

2nd Grade – Wilson Pepper – 1st Place

3rd Grade – Christopher Keeley

3rd Grade – Hayden Hartsfield – 1st Place

4th Grade – Adalyn McKay – 2nd Place

4th Grade – Amelia Bontemps – 7th Place

5th Grade – Macy Hardin – 2nd Place

5th Grade – Peyton Cross – 1st Place and Best of Show for grades 4-6


Middle School and High School Winners as well!  Majority of works are from last year, but some are this year as well!

6th Grade Hannah Baskette 1st place

6th Grade Sophie Loe 5th place

7th Grade Lyla Brower 4th place

7th Grade Grace Petree 6th place


10th grade Brady Anderson 3rd place

11th Grade Bella Henderson 4th place

11th Grade Ava Freeman 8th place