Record Breaking Number of BCS Students On TN All-State Honor Choir

Congratulations to the following students for making the Tennessee All-State Honor Choir:
Morgen Story                    1st Chair SSAA S1
Peyton Tarver                    1st Chair SATB A1
Sarah Mikkola                    2nd Chair  SSAA A2
Avery Veteto                     3rd Chair SATB A2
Lauren Green                    8th Chair SSAA A2
Benjamin Cheng               2nd Chair SATB T2
Taylor Elliott                       5th Chair SATB T2
Ethan Maness                   3rd Chair SATB B2
And the following students for being alternates:
Katherine Benoit              3rd Alternate SSAA S2
Sassy Mednikow              1st Alternate SSAA A1
Josh Tarver                         1st Alternate SATB T2
Jack Hollis                            5
th Alternate TTBB T2
West Sepko                        3rd Alternate TTBB B1

This ties the best showing of All State students we have ever had in school history!