Briarcrest Delta Fair Winners!

Congratulations to all the entrants in this year’s Delta Fair Student Art Contest!!
Claire Keeley - 2nd Place
Natalie Sandoval - 5th Place
1st Grade
Charlie Snider - 1st Place
N.J. Sheridan - 3rd Place
2nd Grade
Riley Watson - 1st Place
Adelaide Oberson - 2nd Place
3rd Grade
Kendal Myles - Best of Show Grades K-3, 1st Place
Mandi Loyd - 2nd Place
4th Grade
Huxley Grear - 1st Place
Ella Cullison - 3rd Place
5th Grade
Ella Fye - 7th Place
8th Grade
Synai Bilbrey - 4th Place
9th Grade
McKinleyMoody - 9th Place
Ava Freeman - 10th Place
10th Grade
Khushi Patel - 2nd Place
Olivia Hood - 8th Place
Carlie Norman - 3rd Place