ONEVOICE Latest Album AGAIN Chosen for RARB "Pick of the Year"

OneVoice, the internationally acclaimed a cappella group from Briarcrest Christian School, has again had their latest album chosen for the Recorded A Cappella Review Board’s (RARB) “Picks of the Year”. It was one of only nine albums worldwide selected.  Other groups included college and professional ensembles.
Their album chosen for this honor, “Someone To You”, was completed just prior to the pandemic hitting last spring.  It tells a story of hope, inspiration, and friendship from the perspective of teenagers.  It was produced by Dr. J.D. Frizzell along with an award-winning team from around the country: Angela Ugolini, Dave Sperandio, Robert Dietz, Alex Green, and Alex Koutzoukis.  
The RARB board commented, “This isn't the first time OneVoice has earned an Album of the Year distinction, and somehow I bet it won't be the last…OneVoice specializes in excellence, dominating the high school scene year after year. Someone to You is a markedly different flavor in its treat shop; go ahead and indulge.”  They went on to comment, “The most recent edition of OneVoice's discography, featuring expert work from the usual suspects of a cappella notoriety and a talented troupe of students, features some of the group's strongest innovation yet.”
In addition to their album being chosen as one of the 9 albums of the year, their song “Underground” was chosen as a “Song of the Year”.  Arranged by director J.D. Frizzell, “Underground” is a cover of TN artist Cody Fry. “As a fan of Cody Fry (and, in recent years, OneVoice), I recognize that I am the exact demographic for this track. But as a frequent listener and reviewer of covers, this J.D. Frizzell arrangement is truly masterful work: taking an already-brilliant indie artist's song and adding a layer of musical complexity while adapting to an all-voices medium with one of the country's most polished high school a cappella groups providing the vocals is a surefire recipe for success” says RARB reviewer Kyle Yampiro.
The album is available on all online retailers (Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, and more) as well as on physical CDs available from their website,
Since its inception in 2009, OneVoice has become a leader in the contemporary a cappella movement.  They have performed on America’s Got Talent and at the EMMYS.  Their music has been streamed and downloaded over 100 million times worldwide.