Record Breaking Number of BCS Choir Makes All-Southwest Honor Choir

Congratulations to the 26 Briarcrest choir students who made the All-Southwest Senior High School Honor Choir!  This is the most students we have had make the senior high honor choir for the past 11 years at BCS.  We also had the most students make it from ANY school!  This includes AAAAA schools in the Memphis area!  GO SAINTS!
Elle Connell 12th Chair Soprano 1
Morgen Story 15th Chair Soprano 1
Kristin Stewart 28th Chair Soprano 1
Nadia Holt 34th Chair Soprano 1
Evan Montgomery 8th Chair Soprano 2
Brooke Story 12th Chair Soprano 2
Rose Shaw 24th Chair Soprano 2
Skylier Clark 25th Chair Soprano 2
Emma Grace Kelly 31st Chair Soprano 2
Olivia Cheng 32nd Chair Soprano 2
Katherine Benoit 33rd Chair Soprano 2
Kallen Miller 1st Chair Alto 1
Lauren Green 4th Chair Alto 1
Gabby Pence 8th Chair Alto 1
Peyton Tarver 12th Chair Alto 1
Sassy Mednikow 34th Chair Alto 1
Anna Baccus 4th Chair Alto 2
Jessa Ripley 25th Chair Alto 2
Nicole Bartley 32nd Chair Alto 2
Benjamin Cheng 2nd Chair Tenor 2
David Clark 6th Chair Tenor 2
Josh Tarver 24th Chair Tenor 2
Jack Hollis 25th Chair Tenor 2
Marvin Holt 13th Chair Bass 1
Ethan Maness 10th Chair Bass 2
Eli Ashford 13th Chair Bass 2