BCS Fourth Grade Student Competes in National Scholastic Chess Tournament

Congratulations to Briarcrest Fourth grade student Brogan Ratliff for her wins at the National Scholastic Chess Tournament at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee this past Thursday! This was Brogan's second year at this tournament in Nashville and her first year to play in the rated sections.  She played in the K - 5 under 900 rating.
Brogan is rated 455 in chess.  She played 7 players with ratings 700+.  She won three matches! This was an extremely tough tournament with almost 400 kids in her division.  She played kids from NY (4 kids), TX, MN, and NC.  Because of Brogan's good play at this tournament her rating has jumped to 589 (from 455)!!  
Way to go Brogan!