BCHS World Language Department Soars!

This has been a busy and productive school year for the BCHS world language department! French and Spanish teacher Ms. Catherine Childs won Teacher of the Year for the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association (TFLTA), and was recognized by her colleagues and peers throughout the state of Tennessee at the annual conference in Franklin in November. She went on to represent TFLTA at the Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ms. Childs was acknowledged for her outstanding commitment to foreign language education. Ms. Childs goes above and beyond in the classroom daily and is devoted to inspiring her students to learn about and appreciate other cultures, customs, and languages.
Mrs. Melanie Morton was awarded a scholarship by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) to study abroad in Madrid, Spain this summer. Mrs. Morton will attend intensive classes for AP Spanish Language and Culture training hosted by Centro Mundolengua. Mrs. Morton was selected out of a nationwide pool of applicants for this scholarship. Mrs. Morton stated, “I am so grateful to have been selected for this professional development opportunity. There is nothing more invigorating than being immersed in my subject. This type of training is invaluable. I look forward to bringing back my newly acquired knowledge and sharing it with my colleagues and students”.
French and Spanish students from Ms. Childs, Mr. Gonzales, and Mrs. Morton’s classes attended the University of Memphis Language Fair competition on Saturday, March 30, where they competed in numerous events in the target language including vocabulary quizzes, essay writing, poetry writing, poetry recitation, music, art, greeting cards, video, and research projects. There were 28 local schools in attendance with nearly 1,000 students competing. Briarcrest had an outstanding showing, taking home 19 awards! Winners are listed below.
Emily Lankford- Greeting Card- 2nd place
Nadia Spann- Vocabulary Quiz French I- 3rd place
Taylor Kearbey- Vocabulary Quiz French II- 2nd place
Benjamin Cheng & Olivia Cheng- French Music Group- 2nd place
Lindsey Morgan- Spanish I Vocabulary Quiz- 2nd place
Ella Miller- Spanish III Vocabulary Quiz- 3rd place
Lundy Burns- Spanish IV Vocabulary Quiz- 1st place
Sarah Hunter- Spanish I Essay- 1st place
Luke Houston- Spanish I Essay- 2nd place
Ally Cummings – Spanish IV/AP Essay- 3rd place
Elizabeth Enamorado- Heritage Speaker Essay level II- 3rd place
Elizabeth Enamorado- HeritageSpeaker poem level II- 3rd place
Grant Whiteley- Heritage Speaker Essay level II- 2nd place
Elysia Whiteley-Heritage Speaker Essay level IV/AP- 2nd place
Elysia Whiteley- Heritage Speaker poem level IV/AP- 1st place
Lundy Burns- Spanish IV poem- 1st place
Dawson Maynard- Spanish IV/AP poem- 3rd place
Kaelee Baker- Spanish III poem- 3rd place
Preston Burns, Spencer Cox, Connor Dang, Chris Jones, Ayanna King, Emma Miller, Jacob Wong
-Spanish IV Video- Cumbia de los Muertos- 3rd place