Three BCHS STEM Students Chosen For St. Jude's Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium

Three Briarcrest High School STEM students were chosen to participate in the St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium this year.  Juniors Phoebe Oyanna, Maddie Allen and Morgan Storey were chosen for this prestigious program that aims to bring high school students interested in STEM to the St. Jude campus for a glimpse into the world of our scientists and clinicians. HS Chemistry teacher, Cammie Bennett, is the sponsor of this program.  St. Jude wants students to learn about some of the cutting-edge equipment we work with every day and hear about the collaborations that bring discoveries from the bench to the clinic.

This program strives to inspire students to look beyond what they think they know about how science happens out in the world and to explore how their own interests can be applied in ways they never imagined to the pursuit of scientific progress. Their hope is that this new knowledge will inspire students to consider academic work and careers that will lead to the next generation of discoveries.