ACT Extended Time

To request extended time on the ACT, a student must meet the following criteria:
  1. The student must have a written diagnosis by a qualified professional with credentials appropriate to the disability.  The documentation of the diagnosis that is no older than three years old must be included in the student's permanent record file at Briarcrest Christian High School.
  2. The student enrolled in Educational Support Services (ESS) must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for the current school year that documents that ALL requested accommodations are provided at his/her school.  At BCHS, our Office for ESS works with these students and keeps each student's IEP up-to-date.  (If a student is not currently enrolled in the ESS Program with an IEP, he/she must still have up-to-date documentation on file at BCHS and also must currently be receiving extended time accommodations in his/her English, math, science and social studies classes.)

National Testing Extended Time
This testing format is recommended for ESS seniors and other students who meet criteria given above who want extended time at any of the national testing sites on one Saturday morning session.  (Briarcrest is one of the national sites.)  ]

Special Testing Extended Time
This testing format is recommended for students in ESS/Inclusion who want extended time during the Saturday morning sessions.  These students' documented disabilities require accommodations  that cannot be provided at a national test center.