Elementary School

The art department works with the classroom teacher to incorporate literacy into the art classroom. Preschool students are introduced to various artists and movements in art while reemphasizing "the letter of the week" (i.e. "M" is for Monet). The students are given age appropriate art projects that are fun and form a base of knowledge for the later years in the fine arts at Briarcrest.

Students in grades senior kindergarten through fifth grade study art and art history in a consequential timeline approach. Briarcrest elementary students learn about major movements in art from prehistoric to contemporary art in our own time. Our students learn art appreciation and are given opportunities to use the techniques of a variety of famous artists to create their own work. Through this approach, students achieve a more in-depth study of art and grade-level projects are designed to give a well-rounded experience with different types of art and media through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, and sculpture based on the artist and time period emphasized.

Art Club
Students in grades 2-5 have the opportunity each semester to be in Art Club. It provides an venue for students to have more individualized instruction and exposure to a wider range of media that may not be explored in the regular art classroom. It meets one afternoon a week after school and projects are different each semester and for each age group.

Past projects have included acrylic landscape painting, stepping stones, puppets, leather tooling, ceramics, T-shirt design, sand art, mosaics, etc. Students may also go on trips to local museums and participate in school projects as they become available.

Applications go out at the beginning of each semester, but space is limited.