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Making art from a biblical worldview can be a mysterious pursuit. Grace Turner, in her piece, 95 Things, clarifies her thoughts really well. In this mixed media work, Grace wrote 95 sticky notes of things she would like to change about herself or thoughts she had about who she is. After thinking and writing, she then drew a self-portrait right on top of the ideas. Definition of personal identity is the most important issue of the 21st Century. Art communicates the way individuals, groups and societies define themselves. Seeing ourselves in the Light of who God says we are, who He made us to be, will set us free to depict His love through visual means.
In the BCHS visual arts department I engage students to connect with their biblical identity through learning to observe thoroughly, compose art thoughtfully and make it skillfully.

It is my hope that learning how to draw, print, photograph, sculpt, and paint will help students to use their knowledge and skills throughout all of life. I intentionally teach that all things point to the Gospel of Christ. And that making things that tell our personal and collective story is an important part of our journey to know God better and to worship Him all of our lives. Teaching students how to connect these dots is my greatest joy.
Jenna Fergus
High School Art Teacher
High School Art News
Upper level art students establish their own web pages. All of the webpages of works are featured on this webpage. BCS high school art teacher says, "Teaching professional art practices to every student is as important as teaching the art methods themselves.”  Click on a picture and the art will link you to the student’s webpage.  Art 1 class is a study of foundations in art methods, history and criticism, therefore, these students are continuing to build portfolios.  

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