Why One-to-One Computing at Briarcrest?

Uses of technology in the classroom and beyond expands daily. This phenomenon is quite evident as we witness our youngest students begin school with significant levels of technological skills.
Briarcrest has long embraced technology in the classroom.  For several years, our students in middle school and high school were allowed to bring their personal laptops and other devices for use in the classroom. We originally patterned this structure after colleges and universities where students bring their own devices and use them at their discretion. We noticed that the number of our students who used these devices within the school day increased steadily.

Over the years, we also accumulated a significant number of laptop and iPad carts for teachers to use in the classroom from elementary through high school. However, we believed that there is an ever-increasing amount of appropriate online material available that needs to be more accessible. We have some courses in both our middle and high school that have used these online resources daily for instruction for a number of years. Project based learning also significantly increased the need for student computers.

With this in mind, starting in the 2016-17 school year, Briarcrest Christian School moved to a higher level in the application of technology by students and teachers. BCS moved to a one-to-one student computing structure.   At Briarcrest, EVERY student (senior kindergarten through third grade) has an iPad and EACH student (fourth grade through twelfth grade) is issued a MacBook that is used at school to enhance our academic curriculum.  Briarcrest owns and maintains these devices, and the Internet connection is maintained, filtered and monitored by Briarcrest.

This exciting program helps prepare our students for the technology-rich environments they will encounter in college and beyond. We are dedicated to making decisions in the best educational interests of our college-bound students and hope you and your family see the benefit that it provides.

Caron Swatley, BCS Headmaster