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Communications and Media Policy

Briarcrest Communications department strives to provide up-to-date information in a timely fashion to all our students and parents. Parents are reminded and encouraged to use the school website to regularly access information, including calendar information and homework/tests on the teachers' web pages and onCampus.

For specifics on teacher/parent communication or coach/parent communication, please see the Briarcrest Parent handbook. Each school division has a handbook that has been specifically written and designed to answer questions and assist parents with information on school policies and divisional information that can be used on a daily basis.


General school news is communicated via BCS Headlines (weekly email updates), the school website, mailings and communication from student to home. Selected information is sent home in the BCS Wednesday runner (preschool, elementary and middle school only) weekly. All divisions also have newsletter that communicate information that is important to your child's school life. To communicate information to the school community, please follow these steps:

Administrative approval of events/programs: please coordinate with and gain approval for any event/program with the appropriate Administrator and/or Communications Director.

Parent/Teacher Fellowship: If the communication is related to the PTF, please gain approval from the PTF President, school Principal and Communications Director. 

Website: Please contact Chad Gilbert, Director of Communications, to have an item posted on the school’s website. Please note that the web site submissions are subject to administrative approval and may be edited for clarity and grammatical accuracy. 

Other communications vehicles: contact Chad Gilbert (901-765-4657 or for information about other communications vehicles such as: The Leader, newsletters and school mailings. 


Requests to distribute information from outside school events will be considered on an individual basis. We desire to pass along information that our families would appreciate receiving. We generally will not include material advertising for-profit events and businesses.


Items incorporating the school name and/or school logo or communicating school-related information must be approved by the Communications Office before production. This includes letters, flyers, notices, publications, T-shirts, spirit items sold for fund raising, Saint Shop merchandise and anything created by coaches, faculty, staff, parents or students with the Briarcrest name or academic or athletic logo for approval. All BCS t-shirts and clothing items that have a logo or the school name or mascot name printed on it, must be created by the Communications department for resale. Please call Chad Gilbert at (901) 765-4657 or send email to


Briarcrest Student Publicity If you have a story or photo about a student you would like to be recognized, please send it to us! We are happy to highlight them on our website and/or submit stories to our local newspapers.

Please follow these simple guidelines when you have a photo or story for press submission: 

First coordinate with the Communications Director when you have a press submission or story idea. We welcome your help, but, we gratefully ask that you let us do the actual submission. You may email your photo or story to: Chad Gilbert at

PLEASE send high-resolution photos – these will reproduce clearer in printed publications. 

Please include a description of the student or event, answering the “Who, What, Where, When and Why” questions. Also include the zip code of the student(s) home in the description. We have all of the contacts to our local newspapers and are happy to take care of the necessary terminology and details. 

Please continue to check out the BCS website and "In the News" Newsfeed.


Using the BCS Logo Contact the Communications Office about your project to gain approval for logo usage. The Director of Communications must be consulted for proper wording, titles, logo usage and correct Pantone colors before publication. 
  1. Check with your vendor to determine what file format is needed. (JPG, EPS, TIF vector art)
  2. The Communications Office will email the desired logo directly to the vendor.