2018 BRACE Award Sponsors
Best In Show – High School - $250 Briarcrest Christian School
Best In Show – Middle School - $250 Allergy and Asthma Specialists
Best In Show – Upper Elementary - $250 Saddle Creek Title
Best In Show – Lower Elementary - $250 Saddle Creek Title
Clarice Cox Watercolor $250 Dr. and Mrs. Clarice Cox
Excellence in Expressive Quality $250 Gastro One
People’s Choice Award  $250 Joshua Andrew Carter Trust
Excellence in Drawing $100 Art Center gift card 
Excellence in Painting $100 Art Center gift card 

Best of Color - $100 Art Center gift card 

Best of Mixed Media - $100 Art Center gift card 
(13) 1st Place Awards $100 each Gastro One
(13) 2nd Place Awards $75 each Briarcrest Christian School
(13) 3rd Place Awards $50 each Dr. Suresh Kari
(13) 4th Place Awards $25 each Briarcrest Christian School
Amy Lange Memorial Award For Excellence in Teaching $250 Allergy and Asthma Specialists