The understanding and appreciation of the finest works of man's creative spirit are necessary for a complete education.

Effective instruction in the visual arts provides the student with technical skills and motivation to develop an awareness of his environment and to increase his aesthetic and cultural understanding.

The Visual Arts Curriculum organized at Briarcrest Christian Schools is both vertical and horizontal in approach. Visual Artists/Art Educators, Tonya Loyd (Houston Levee Elementary School), Sarah Lawler Clark (Middle School) and Jenna Fergus (High School) contribute their individual discipline-based curricula to formulate a balanced and age-appropriate art experience for all students.

Through the implementation of a cross-cultural and cross-curricular based approach, each instructor intentionally connects art history and art making to Math, Science, History and Writing. The visual arts are taught from a biblical perspective relating art production to art history, criticism and aesthetics.


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  • Photo of Tonya Loyd

    Tonya Loyd 

    Art Teacher
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    Sarah Clark 

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    Jennifer Fergus 

    Art Teacher

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  • Elementary School

    Elementary students ages 3-year-old Kindergarten through fifth grade are introduced to a variety of artists, art elements and principles, techniques and materials throughout the school year.

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  • Middle School

    Our students compete and win in art exhibitions around our community as well as regionally in the state of Tennessee. 

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  • High School

    Visual art at Briarcrest is all about learning the full process of making art. Creating is taught as a two-fold process: strong content, communicated through expressive and accurate composing, and careful, intentional craftsmanship.
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