The Technical Production Class is a unique opportunity for students to have hands-on experience with all of the elements that come together to make various Fine Arts events happen.  Students will learn the skills to operate and execute lighting design, audio engineering, video production, and scenic construction.  This class uses our state-of- the-art facilities and professional-grade equipment to take creative ideas and daring dreams and turn them into an amazing reality.

State-Of-The-Art Recording Studio - Studio 73

Our school opened Studio 73, a new recording studio with two tracking booths and digital recording stations that allow our students to learn the art of live recording in a professional studio environment. This state-of-the-art recording studio features Pro Tools HD, a mixing room and 3 tracking rooms, and an X-32 console with Midas pre-amps. Students are able to use Studio 73 to record, edit and mix their music under the direction of one of our musical directors and producers.