The Conservatory of Fine Arts is committed to helping students who are interested or gifted in the Arts discover and develop those talents. The Conservatory serves students in kindergarten through high school, offering private music instruction in the areas of piano, voice, guitar and violin. Many students have benefited from the opportunity to receive private instruction ON CAMPUS from highly-qualified instructors before, during, or after school through this unique, co-curricular program.   Receiving individual instruction also enhances the ability of those students to perform and become valuable members of other Briarcrest performing groups such as Band, Choir, and Drama casts. 

Conservatory Registration Information

An Applied Registration Form must be completed for each child and each type of lesson. Students enrolled in more than one applied lesson must complete a separate registration form for each lesson. Registration forms are available on this web site and should be submitted electronically. All lessons will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Any forms received after the August 18, 2021 deadline will be processed in the fall or will be entered on a waiting list should lesson times fill up.  Lessons will begin the first week in September. To enroll, please use the link to the right. 

30 Lessons per year with recitals/rehearsals

30-Minute Piano Lesson: $1100/year (includes all teaching materials, recitals and lesson costs)
30-Minute Violin Lesson: $1100/year (includes all teaching materials, recitals and lesson costs)


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    Justin Pepper 

    Choir Teacher/Conservatory

Policy Information

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  • 1. Payment of Fees

    The Applied Lesson Fee for the entire year can be paid through the registration site. If lesson costs are not paid in full, they will be charged on the 5th of each month September - April. Please contact Justin Pepper at if you have any questions regarding your payment.  We will work with each individual family on an as-needed basis.
  • 2. Discontinuing Lessons

    Applied Lessons Enrollment is a year-long commitment (two-semesters) consisting of 30 lessons. Those students who choose to drop an Applied Lesson may apply for a refund of the fee balance, if no more than the first three lessons have been taken during the Fall Semester; however, you are obligated to pay for those lessons received. After the 3rd lesson, no fees are refundable.
  • 3. Scheduling

    Applied Lessons are scheduled around the academic classroom schedule. These times are after school, during recess, lunch/break, related arts classes, study hall, or physical education.
  • 4. Attendance

    When advance notice events take place (i.e., class field trips, special school-wide assemblies, personal appointments with doctors, dentists, etc., or shortened school days), the student or parent has full responsibility to contact the assigned Applied Lessons teacher a minimum of one day in advance in order for the absence to be considered excused. The instructor is not obligated to schedule make-up lessons for unexcused absences. No student is allowed more than one make-up lesson per semester under any circumstance.  Some make-ups may be group lessons, theory classes, or performance classes. The final week of each semester serves as an opportunity to make-up excused absences.

    Excused Absences In order for the lesson to be considered excused, prior notification concerning the absences must be made with the Applied Lessons teacher. Excused lessons are made up as the teacher’s schedule permits with the understanding that not all excused lessons may be able to be rescheduled. When a lesson will be missed due to illness, please give the teacher as much prior notification as possible.

    Unexcused Absences All other absences from lessons are considered unexcused and no make-up lesson is scheduled. Please note that lessons missed due to personal or family vacations scheduled during the academic calendar year are unexcused absences.

    In the event that school is discontinued in person due to a closure, lessons will be continued virtually; therefore, all accounts will continue to be active, and payments will be expected as per usual.
  • 5. Questions and Concerns

    Contact your child’s individual instructor first. If further assistance is needed, please feel free to contact Justin Pepper, Briarcrest Fine Arts Conservatory Director at 765-4622 or