Why Briarcrest

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  • Why Choose a Christian School?

    Briarcrest is a Christian school with a Christian worldview. As such, we believe strongly that the Christian education offered at Briarcrest helps prepare your child spiritually for college and for life.
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  • Why Choose a Co-Ed School?

    We believe Briarcrest prepares your child to learn and interact successfully in a co-ed world. One of the most important benefits of students attending school in a co-ed environment is the process of developing their interpersonal skills and social maturity.
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  • Why Doesn't BCS Exclude Non-Christians?

    We are occasionally asked if Briarcrest is a covenant school. We are not. For those who may not be familiar with the term “covenant school”, it is one that, by policy, will only enroll children who come from a Christian family, which is usually defined as a family in which at least one parent is a professing Christian.
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  • What are the Benefits of a "One-Stop-Shop" Campus?

    Briarcrest offers a convenient “One-Stop-Shop” campus allowing our students in Collierville, Germantown, Eads, Cordova, Arlington and Fayette County to enjoy a “neighborhood” school in their own backyard.
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  • What Security and Health Measures Does Briarcrest Have in Place?

    Briarcrest offers a staff of registered nurses to administer medications and handle students’ illnesses, accidents and emergencies.
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  • Why One-to-One Computing at Briarcrest?

    At Briarcrest, EVERY student (senior kindergarten through third grade) has an iPad and EACH student (fourth grade through twelfth grade) is issued a MacBook that is used at school to enhance our academic curriculum.
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