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Uniform Policy


At Briarcrest Christian School, it is our belief that the physical appearance of our students is an essential element in developing personal responsibility. All Briarcrest students, Preschool-Grade 12, are required to wear uniforms. School uniforms are to be worn each school day unless a special dress day has been designated. Dress code applies to all school events unless indicated otherwise by the Administration. No dress code is all-inclusive; therefore, clothing may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of faculty and Administration. The school reserves the right to identify styles or colors of clothing as disruptive to the educational setting.


  • Students should ENTER and EXIT the building each day in dress code compliance.
  • All uniforms must be purchased by Dennis Uniforms. (522-6652) **Exception: boy's uniform pants and shorts (may be purchased at The Gap, Lands End, Target, Walmart and Dennis). The pants or shorts must be medium khaki (not too light or too dark) or navy and be flat-fronted or pleated. They must be all-cotton classic styles consistent with style and color purchased from Dennis. No cargo pants, corduroy, or jeans-style pants are to be worn. No holes in pants or trayed hems allowed.
  • Clothing must be neat, clean, modest, hemmed, and SIZE/LENGTH APPROPRIATE.
  • Any item of outerwear may be worn to school, but any outerwear entering the classroom or worn in the hallways must be from DENNIS Uniforms, the BCS Saint Shop or school sponsored outerwear.  All outerwear must be black, navy blue or forest green only. BCS Letter Jackets or Fine Arts Jackets may be worn on any day. Approved team jackets may be worn on Fridays only.
  • Skirts for girls must be no more than 2 inches above the knee (approximately the width of 3 fingers).
  • Shirts for boys must be tucked-in.
  • Boys: Belts must be worn and should be brown or black only and completely visible.
  • A collared uniform shirt is required Monday – Thursday.
  • Undershirts must be SHORT-SLEEVED, SOLID (no writing), and WHITE ONLY. No other color undershirts may be worn. No long-sleeved shirts/undershirts may be worn EXCEPT BCS uniform shirts, blouses or polos.
  • Tights and leggings must be mid-calf or longer in length and must be navy blue, forest green, or black. Visible white socks are required for boys and girls. Girl’s knee socks must be solid white, navy, forest green or black.
  • Shoes must be: flat-heeled, closed toe. Shoes must be black or brown leather, suede, or athletic shoes with white, gray, or black as the primary color. Oxfords are acceptable for girls. Birkenstock-type shoes conforming to low heeled and closed toe are appropriate for non-Chapel days for boys and girls (High School Only).
  • Only designated current school-wide T-shirts may be worn on Fridays.
  • All shoes must be properly worn and shoes intended to have laces may not be worn without laces or untied. No colored laces.
  • All shoes should be in good condition.


  • Boys: (Middle School and High School) - Pants, Oxford Button-Down Shirts (button-down collars must be buttoned), and visible School Uniform Tie. Ties must be tied and fitted appropriately with top button of shirt fastened. Shirts should be sized to allow fastening of the top button.
  • Girls: Plaid Skirt with Fitted Blouse or Oxford Button-Down Blouse (button-down collars must be buttoned) If a BCS uniform sweater/vest is worn, a BCS uniform collared shirt must be worn under it. (no t-shirts).
  • Birkenstock-type by design or appearance are not allowed for chapel at any grade level.  Athletic shoes are permitted for Elementary and Middle School students on chapel days. High School are not permitted to wear athletic shoes on Chapel days. The Administration reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of footwear.
  • Sweatshirt Hoodies are not allowed on Chapel Day for Middle and High School students.  


  • Non-uniform long-sleeved shirts worn under uniform shirts.
  • T-shirts/undershirts in any color EXCEPT white.
  • Writing on shoes or clothing or body; visible tattoos (temporary or permanent).
  • Jewelry: No earrings or body piercing on males. For females: no body piercing other than lower lobe of the ear.
  • Hats/caps/scarves/bandanas or other headgear/sunglasses inside the building.
  • Extreme types of haircuts and/or colors are not permitted. Hair color must not deviate beyond the natural hair color range of the student. Male students’ hair must not hang below the collar, touch the eyebrows, or extend below the middle of the ear or be excessively high on top. Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. Mohawks are not permitted. Male students are not permitted to have ponytails, man buns or beads in their hair. Shaved lines, carvings or artwork cut into the hair or eyebrows are not allowed. Male students’ hair cannot be tucked behind the ears or held in place by pins, hairbands or other devices. Sideburns should not extend below the base of the earlobe.

  • Facial hair (beards, mustaches, long sideburns). Male students must be clean-shaven each day.
  • Clothing that is not properly sized. Form-fitting tops that reflect the imprint of undergarments are unacceptable. Pants/slacks and tops must overlap enough to avoid exposing the midriff when normal movement such as stooping, stretching, etc. occur. Boys’ shirts must be long enough to tuck in.
  • Stained, dirty and/or frayed clothing/shoes with holes or patches.