Student and Family Policies

Saint Shop - Textbook Sales Policies

General Information

Textbooks are sold to students in grades 6–12. Students may take notes in the book or use the text as reference and make notes on other materials. Students may re-sell the books to the school, to other students, or discard the books.

What Book To Purchase?

The books sold in the Saint Shop are the books used in Briarcrest courses. Each year the Textbook Bulletin, published in July, gives information indicating if a book has been used previously at Briarcrest–and also the anticipated future use of the books. It is our intention to keep books in use for 6 years; however, from time-to-time some books are withdrawn from publication before the end of the 6-year cycle, particularly college-level books used for AP-level courses. The Saint Shop's prices in the Textbook Bulletin are those given to us by our suppliers at the beginning of the school year; prices can change.

Used Books

The Textbook Bulletin identifies books by the title and by International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The ISBN coding is used throughout the publishing industry. You can identify a book offered to you for sale by some source other than the school by checking the ISBN (usually on the back of the cover). Do not buy a used book without checking the ISBN. The school makes every effort to see that used textbooks conform to the school’s standards; however, it is impossible to check every page of each used book. We depend entirely on the honesty and integrity of the students who have resold the books to the Saint Shop.

Textbook Repurchase Policy

The Saint Shop repurchases most hardbound textbooks. Payment for the books will appear as credit on the seller’s Saint Shop account. Non-returning students will be issued a Briarcrest check mailed within two (2) weeks of the transaction. The following are guidelines for the repurchasing policy:
  • Textbooks must have outside covers attached.
  • Once a student’s name is written in a book, the textbook is considered “used” and cannot be returned for full price.
  • Textbook value depreciates with use.
  • Textbooks have to be listed in the Textbook Bulletin for use during the next school year.
  • Textbook repurchasing will occur only during exams in May.
  • Textbooks with inappropriate wording or illustrations will NOT be repurchased.
Good Condition–(very little highlighting, marks, and outside cover in excellent condition). Book label must be intact and unaltered with the current school year date.

Fair Condition–(some highlighting, marks, and outside cover showing average wear-and-tear, but is more than one year old). Book label must be intact and unaltered.

Poor Condition–(extreme highlighting, marks, and outside cover shows heavy usage with cover intact, regardless of the year purchased). Book label must be intact and unaltered.