Application Criteria

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  • Early Childhood (Preschool-Senior Kindergarten)

    Schools in the Memphis-area generally have a screening range for preschool from June 1 to August 15.  While students are generally better prepared the older they are, nationally and regionally, these dates vary widely with some schools testing through September.  At BCS, we screen students according to developmental readiness and will recommend the placement that allows your child to be the most successful.  

    Applicants for the K2 Little Saints program do not need to be potty-trained.  All applicants for PK and above MUST be  be able to use the bathroom independently without assistance before the August start date of school. 

    To view BCS Vaccination Policy, please click here.

    Briarcrest welcomes students without regard to race, ethnicity, color, creed, national origin or religious affiliation.  Briarcrest welcomes your questions about our school and encourages you to schedule a campus visit by calling our Admissions Office at (901) 765-4605.
  • Grades 1-12

    • Current Briarcrest Christian School Kindergarten students will be evaluated before the Admissions Committee recommends placement in Grade 1.
    • Maintains a "C" average or above in academic grades or evidence of satisfactory academic performance if grades are not available.
    • Grades 1-4 must attain a composite achievement score on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test at the 50th percentile or higher. Recent test results within the last 18 months are acceptable.
    • Grades 5-12 must attain a composite achievement score at the 50th percentile or higher on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test: (CPT4) or (ISEE). Upon receipt of CPT4 test results, our Guidance Office will determine if further testing is needed. If so, you will need to register to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Please visit for specific test sites and dates. It is the applicant's responsibility to take this test and have scores submitted to Briarcrest Admissions.
    • Score within the average range on an I.Q. test or an equivalent score on another ability test.
    • Have satisfactory behavior history (at home, in school, and in the community) and provide positive indication that he/she truly wants to be a part of the Briarcrest Christian School student body. No record of suspension or expulsion.
    • Principal/teacher recommendation. (Preschool–Grade 12)
    • Interview with the appropriate school officials. (Preschool–Grade 12)
    • Additional testing may be required for admissions, as well as placement in the Honors program at the expense of the parent.

Procedures & Policies

Briarcrest Christian School seeks to enroll students who are capable of and committed to success in the total educational program of the school.  Admission to Briarcrest is selective and is based on factors which include previous school performance, teacher recommendations, testing results, and a record of exemplary behavior at home, in school, and in the community. 

Financial assistance is available for those families who demonstrate financial need as determined by submitting the Parent's Financial Statement to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid in Princeton, New Jersey.