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Briarcrest is well-equipped for the information age, committed not only philosophically, but also technologically. Briarcrest provides iPads for Senior Kindergarten through third grade and laptops for fourth grade. 

All fifth through twelfth grade students is issued an Apple MacBook Air laptop. Briarcrest owns and maintains these devices, and the Internet connection is maintained, filtered and monitored by Briarcrest.

This exciting program prepares our students for the technology-rich environments they will encounter in college and beyond. We are dedicated to making decisions in the best educational interests of our college-bound students and hope you will join us in welcoming this initiative that will enhance pursuit of academic excellence.

All of our classrooms are equipped with projectors which allow connectivity to both staff and student computers. Other technology is integrated into the curriculum on a daily basis to support instruction. The Elementary schools have computer labs and carts of laptops and iPads available for use in the classroom. Interactive boards are present in various classrooms helping to transform computers into powerful interactive teaching tools. Students are taught Internet research skills starting at the elementary level that allow them to effectively research everything from current events to ancient civilizations.

Technology is being integrated at all levels, from our two-year old classes up through high school and we encourage parents to examine how this technology is being used in the classroom to fully understand how it impacts the learning process at Briarcrest.