Purpose & Goals

The Educational Support Services program (ESS) serves the needs of students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder. Specially-trained ESS teachers support and encourage students on a daily basis in their academic studies, using teaching strategies such as inclusion and classroom shadowing to provide the student with the tools necessary to succeed in the regular classroom and to be prepared for success in the college environment.

Requirements for Program Admission

All students seeking admission into the ESS program must first meet regular admissions requirements as set by the Briarcrest administration. These requirements include an I.Q. score of not less than 100. Those seeking admission into the program must also present an updated psycho-educational evaluation from a certified professional. This evaluation must state the disability, give scores on administered achievement tests, and provide an I.Q. assessment. The evaluation must be dated within the last three years prior to admission. Please contact the Admissions Office or ESS personnel at the appropriate level for information.

Briarcrest ESS program

ESS students receive extra instructional support in either an additional classroom setting or by having an educational consultant work with the regular classroom teacher in implementing the appropriate modifications.

Program Cost

An additional tuition fee is charged for students enrolled in the ESS program. For the 2021-2022 school year, the additional tuition cost is:
  • Elementary, Middle and High School - $3,095 additional

Contact Information

Contact the Educational Support Services Office or Admissions to obtain more information:

901-751-6415 - High School
901-765-4608 - Elementary/Middle School
901-765-4654 - Admissions Office