The Briarcrest Career Conference is a professional, off-site conference for Briarcrest High School Juniors and Seniors to explore careers of interest and learn about new, emerging careers. Briarcrest parents, alumni, and local leaders serve as career representatives and host 30-minute, interactive sessions with our students. The connections our students make with local professionals in their career fields of interest prove beneficial as they begin transitioning from high school to college to career.
Are you passionate about connecting with the next generation of professionals in your career field? Sign up for the Briarcrest Career Conference today!
Career Representatives connect with our students by sharing how they became interested in their career, what steps they took to begin down their chosen career path, and a few of the most attractive aspects of their career. The goals for our conference breakout sessions are to build connections with the students, provide insight into what success looks like, and offer evidence of living and working as an authentic follower of Christ.
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Getting ready for college, thinking about majors and career options? The Briarcrest Career Conference is the place for you!
The Conference begins with an inspiring keynote address and then provides you with three unique opportunities to explore careers that interest you most! Come dressed for success in your best chapel attire: you never know if the Career Representatives you meet in your breakout session will become your key to a job shadow opportunity or college internship.

Is your student interested in Financial Planning, Theatre and the Secret Service? Then, the Briarcrest Career Conference is the place for them! Our Career Conference provides your student with the opportunity to interact with career professionals from a variety of new and well-established career fields.
Encourage your student to dress for success in their best Chapel Attire. Although our Career Representatives are not all Human Resource managers, many of them are looking for the best and brightest colleagues. The Career Representatives your students meet may lead to job shadowing, internships, or their first, full-time job!
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