The award winning Briarcest theatre program is designed to allow students to use their God given talents to glorify God through the performing arts.
The BCS theatre program is a comprehensive program offering theatre opportunities from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.  

  • Students at the elementary level can participate in the schools Conservatory of Fine Arts program both during and after school.
  • Students at the middle school level can participate in the Middle School Drama Club and the annual Middle School Musical.
  • Students at the High School level can participate in one of four theatre classes and in both the fall and spring productions.

Current Production: Mary Poppins

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  • Cast List

    BERT - Brian Shaffrey
    GEORGE BANKS - Christian Hammond
    WINIFRED BANKS - Anna Jones
    JANE BANKS - Olivia Cheng
    MICHAEL BANKS - Nathan Morton
    KATIE NANNA - Mady Thornburg
    POLICEMAN - Isaac Stancil
    MISS LARK - Elena Gentleman
    WILLOUGHBY - Rachel Robertson
    ADMIRAL BOOM - Sabastian Burks
    MRS. BRILL - Allison Szuelwski
    ROBERTSON - AY Will Draper
    MARY POPPINS - Chandler Booth
    PARK KEEPER - Cooper Neal
    NELEUS - Benjamin Cheng
    QUEEN VICTORIA - Allison Benoit
    BANK CHAIRMAN - Darius Rahmaan
    MISS SMYTHE - Sarah Mikkola
    VON HUSSLER - Cooper Neal
    NORTHBROOK - Jon Paul Amos
    BIRD WOMAN - Caroline Clements
    MRS. CORRY - Sarah Barlow
    FANNIE - Rachel Robertson
    ANNIE - Aislinn Towne
    MISS ANDREW - Haley Dixon
    VALENTINE - Emma Grace Kelly
  • Toy Shelf Ensemble: "Playing the Game"

    Teddy Bear - Jake Meena
    Mr. Punch - West Sepko
    Doll - Taylor Sullivan
    Horse - Julianne Neal
    Ballerina - Kristin Stewart
    Kite - Hadley Miller
    Toy Boat - Reece Overby
    Toy Soldiers - Brock Draper, Emma Schuler, Isabelle Baldridge
  • Featured or Solo Dancers

    Allison Benoit
    Benjamin Cheng (as Neleus)
    Emma Grace Kelly
  • Chatterboxes (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”)

    Jon Paul Amos
    Allison Benoit
    Caroline Clements
    Hayley Dixon
    Baylee Ellis
    Deanna French
    Elena Gentleman
    Kara Holden
    Emma Grance Kelly
    Sarah Mikkola
    Cooper Neal
    Jeremy Moore
    Darius Rahmaan
    Isaac Stancil
    Aislinn Towne
    Kristin Stewart


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  • Rachel King-Barr 

    High School Drama Teacher